BOSS! Who Are We?


*A creative connected community of female talent.

*Chief mum officer for many of us, and student of something new.

*Comfortable with vulnerable. Experimenters. Professional tertiary qualified.

In pitch bandofsisters (BOSS) is a human platform of female talent. Building a community of 100 women we didn’t know was possible a few months ago.

In practice BOSS is a safe place to experiment, be history in the making and to take that quantum leap to put a business idea or career manoeuvre into action.

Growing, BOSS is opening its 10th BOSS POD. A BOSS POD is a small group of 5 to 10 community women, giving something new a go, meeting face to face a few times in 2 to 3 months to nurture an idea into action. All sort of knowing the only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Comfortable with vulnerable. Confident to fail and keep experimenting. Particularly those of us who like to fly under the radar, learning that social media will not kill us.

I know about this thing called confidence, listening to that inner voice asking me daily who do I think I am to make BOSS work. Why might you be the one to show some organisations; a new and innovative female leadership and mentoring program to expand opportunities for women between work and communities. Doing social good, putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of leadership development and expanding ideas and opportunities for positive business and social change.

Innovative – human centred designers. In BOSS we are all students of moving our ideas into action, using creative problem solving, practising human centred design. So, you are small peer-based coaching groups my corporate buddies ask? Yes, I say, agile and responsive.

Little bit inspiring. Asked a fair few times in my professional life to define great leadership and I have built, bought and dismantled numerous leadership programs……, and the best leaders in my experience; and I have been privileged to work with some of the best; are brilliant in building confidence in others #inspiring.

Collaborative. In BOSS PODs we centre our collaboration around a fairygodBOSS, a female leader who facilitates the face to face sessions, teaching our five areas of focus; building community, leveraging strengths, content for success, co-creation and momentum. No detailed job description for a fairygodBOSS, simply a female who builds confidence and creates an environment to be comfortable with vulnerable, as that’s when the magic happens, ideas shared and momentum.

Empowering female leadership.We see a new way, through BOSS PODs, of empowering female leadership in the workplace to unlock potential in self and others. An inclusive mentoring program to connect with diverse community women, build confidence whilst optimising personal, business and social impact, expanding opportunities for female contribution across work and communities.

#femaletalent #inclusion #somethingnew #creativeconnectedcommunity #comfortablewithvulnerable

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