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Join a BOSS POD and connect with a diverse, talented community of women, supporting and encouraging each other.  A BOSS POD is a peer group of 5 to 10  women nurturing a new business idea, a career manoeuvre or seeking to reconnect with paid work after some time away.

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Become the host of a BOSS POD. Possessing a passion for people and potential, be a facilitator and coach as you support women in your POD over 6 to 8 weeks to move their business idea, or career manoeuvre into action. Inspire and be inspired in helping women to be confident, connected and creative.


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A community service that is active in supporting the success of bandofsisters (BOSS).  This could include being a BOSS POD guest speaker, venue contributor, or offering access to products, services, resources or networking opportunities for creative and motivated women. 


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Do social good and empower women.

Expand opportunities for women to contribute  through BOSS Human Centred Design.

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