What we know!

What issues we address

  1. Career off ramping by ex- corporate, professional women, frequently after having children.

  2. As unpaid carers, these women are unaccounted for in national statistics.

  3. Untapped community female talent facing barriers to paid contribution.

  4. External barriers to workforce return means that women compromise on role equivalency and pay to balance family and career needs.

  5. Women are impacted by low self-confidence and thereby not taking new opportunities.

What we care about

  • Supporting other women

  • Finding solutions

  • Flexibility and work balance

  • Creating a sustainable planetary environment

  • Equality

  • Creating change in people’s lives

  • The role of kindness

  • A life where women don't have to choose between family and career. 

  • Health, wellbeing and the equality of these across the globe

  • Helping women live fulfilled and meaningful lives

  • Women being fully recognised and heard

  • For women to realise their worth

  • Women getting in touch with their passions, interests and the wider world 

  • Learning to reclaim their aspirations. 

What workforce reforms are needed

A static resume

Your skills

Explaining your career gaps

Working 9-5, on site

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Leveraging the value in your professional and personal network

Your innate capabilites

Celebrating your career gaps

Working at my best

Massive Open Online Learning


What work is about   VERSES   What work should be about

How you can help

Become a community supporter or a corporate sponsor

Do social good and empower women

Expand opportunities for women to contribute through BOSS Human Centred Design


5 YEARS off work

Women take an average five years out of the workforce to care for children or family member. 

11% gender inequity

11% gender inequity in female participation in paid work - 60% female participation verus 71% male participation.

15.3% pay gap

The national gender pay gap is 15.3% and remained between 15% to19% for the past two decades.

42% return to work

An estimated 246,700 (42%) women had started or returned to work since the birth of their youngest child.  



How do I join a BOSS POD?

You register your interest at https://www.bandofsisters.com.au/join-a-boss-pod.
Every BOSS POD has a FairygodBOSS who is the host, facilitator and coach to guide and support women to build their local BOSS community and complete their 6 to 8 week mentor program to move a new idea into action.

What does it mean to be part of the broader bandofsisters community?

As a community, bandofsisters aims to: 1. Be seen - leverage our scale and diverse talents. 2. Be heard - build women's confidence to overcome barriers. 3. Be couragous - showcase the creative ways BOSS women contribute and collaborate. Every BOSS POD is contributing to the growth and opportunities for women by setting up their BOSS PODs. We see and hear from each other in the forum/members section on our BOSS website. We connect in our private Facebook Group - Bandofsisters - BOSS Group

How many and how long does it take to build a BOSS POD?

We believe that the optimal BOSS POD size is around 5 to 10 women to facilitate a safe, inclusive and nurturing experience. We love our 5 focus areas of support; building community, leveraging strengths, content for success, co creation and innovation and momentum and sustainability. We have designed this into a 6 to 8 week "She Solvers" Mentoring program. This program is organised either into 3 face to face or 3 online (ZOOM) sessions of about 2 hours in duration. We know time between sessions to reflect and take action is invaluable in helping women on their journey to move a new idea into action.

What is the aim of the She Solvers Mentor Program?

To give every BOSS POD member momentum and the best start in moving a new idea into action or creating a new opportunity. The peer mentor program called She Solvers teaches; 1. Building your BOSS community 2. Leveraging your strengths - swim in your lane 3. Content for Success - moving an idea into action 4. Co creation and innovation - start before you are ready 5. Momentum and sustainability And become part of the rapidly growing BOSS creative, connected community.

Who can I turn to for help?

Kate – the founder of bandofsisters and chief fairygodBOSS and kate@bandofsisters.com.au.

How do I attend a BOSS POD?

Face to face - somewhere close to your home as we grow. On line via ZOOM - when we need to connect women across the workplace and communities. We leave venues in our FairygodBOSS hands, to find a place/spot to host BOSS PODs and agree the best times with their community women. We know that libraries, before and after school care centres and cafes are often available during the day for example. We have also found that hosting in a BOSS POD member’s home can provide the relaxed feel that encourages women to support each other.