BOSS! We are taking action

#EachforEqual #IWD2020

Each for equal is in every local community as well as Corporates. Equal world.

We are women in local communities, setting up something new or reconnecting after time away from paid work. Some still in Corporate roles. CEO's of our idea, taking the next brave step to move it into action, even though we know its easier to go back to what we always used to do. Brave for change.

So, what stops women taking action? I know for myself its confidence to be seen and heard.

I also know that in BOSS, that we can create conditions for confidence to flourish, that’s what we teach ourselves in BOSS, creative problem solving, human centred design. Comfortable with vulnerable, taking that quantum leap together, co creating and innovating to move that idea into action. Taking action.

We are taking action and in just a few months, I have seen 100 talented women take action on giving something new a go. Visible.

BOSS of their something new, supporting each other and building their A team in their local and diverse BOSS POD of 5 to 10 women. We see magicians, next to stockbrokers, whom are always very clear about their next step, sitting with hairdressers who have unequalled creative energy, learning from marketers who think outside in, fascinated by the natural ideation of primary school teachers, broadcasters whom just have this effortless connection DNA and many of us mums. Creative innovators.

One BOSS POD at time, we are building a cause based, connected creative community to be visible, seen and heard. Equal in our contribution and courageously resetting our beliefs about the future of work and contribution. Each for equal.

All of this possible thanks to these talented women who are helping me help more women be history in the makinginclusive - Alicja, Emma, Antonia, Carrie, Jo, Nix, Sally, Avani, Nicky, Emma, Anna, Mel, Helen, Emily, Holly, Amanda, Louella, Megan, Daniela, Laura, Liz, Elizabeth, Linda, Lindsey, Kat, Louella, Lorraine, Janine, Jen, Tiffany, Alex, Monica, Ruth, Elle, Rebecca, Claire, Felicity, Leigh, Nat, Bec, Amanda, Lillian, Agnesa, Erin, Helen, Julia, Liz, Samia and Sue and many more women and men quietly giving their time behind the scenes.

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