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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

When you want to know more about female talent, turn here, to bandofsisters.

We're local community women with untapped talent, bags of potential, something to contribute, years of skills, honed by many through parenthood and innovators, if but seen and heard.

We are the brave, giving a new business a go, or reconnecting after some time away from paid work.

In my opinion, we all deserve to be nominated "woman of the year". That’s you Holly, Antonia, Monica, Alex, Emma, Max, Nix, Corinne, Carrie, Jo and Bec.

We are here, in every local community, equally invaluable to expanding opportunities for women as their paid counter parts in workplaces. And some do both, that’s you Ruth and Alicja, leading the way.

Barriers to be overcome; personal confidence, traditional management practices, the viral unconscious idea of normal and the flexible working nugget that’s been talked about the entirety of my 25 years of employment. And don’t be confused, shift working isn’t flexible working for my friends who work in essential community services.

And we are not alone. There is a new NSW Women Strategy 2018 to 2022 with 3 focus areas. Economic opportunity and advancement, health and wellbeing, participation and empowerment. Nobody has ever mentioned this to me though and now we have it.

So what’s the definition of work? It’s the human right to contribute. It’s for everybody and I call out to women, both in paid work and in our local communities to take notice of each other and see that your voice is stronger when together, to expand those opportunities for women.

Being seen and heard is easier when women are collaborating across workplaces and communities. We just need to look for, see and turn towards each other more clearly than ever before.

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