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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

If only collaboration was as easy in the workplace as it is in BOSS PODs.

Compassion and courage is in every local community woman I see in the growing number of BOSS PODs.

Unleashing talent, collaboratively, in innovative and creative ways.

· It’s Alicja of Time For Mum, juggling her work, family and biz commitments, generously giving up her free time to build the confidence for so many in our BOSS PODs through strengths based coaching.

· It’s Carrie of Fuse Marketing wordsmithing Corinne’s Training Lab website.

· It’s Anita of Tuned In Music Therapy offering space to Holly for her Stepping Stones launch.

· It’s Nikki of Nikki Romans Consulting teaching Kate that social media will not kill her.

· The collaboration of Mel of Time To Exhale and Antonia of Envision to co-create new counselling solutions.

· Monica achieving her 100 LinkedIn connections with ease, outrageously talented, in that tough career transition and generously applying her untapped career coaching skills to others in a similar spot.

· It's Erin introducing Helen to a future employer because she sees the talent and knows the opportunity.

· It’s Emma quietly mastering Instagram algorithms and researching on behalf of everybody. The stuff she finds is incredible, could be devastatingly helpful in workplaces.

All on a journey, inclusive, embracing the spontaneity of what can be created in connecting with other local community women.

Holding space for each other, unafraid to fail, building capacity to encounter hurdles. Stronger to challenge barriers to contribution and that old chestnut of the outdated management expectation of 9-5, full time, M to F, one income earner.

The resume – really – how does that help explain what you bring and whose hands does it land in?

BOSS PODs in action showcases talent, empathy and collaboration.

Untapped female talent in every local community.

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