• Emma Hurt


    During the BOSS incubator programme it has been my pleasure and privilege to help facilitate an environment which is inclusive, nurturing and open to share experience and knowledge. 


    The collective energy and support within the group has grown in confidence and enabled a catalyst for ideas taking Boss from a concept to a community which is growing into a strong and tangible force. 

  • Antonia Taylor


    Boss was so incredibly helpful in getting me focused on setting up my business, Envision Services. Kate was really supportive & encouraging of everyone in the BOSS POD and did so in a light hearted and relaxed way.


    I enjoyed meeting a whole new team of people, going through the same issues & sharing ideas & thoughts on our respective career moves or new businesses. Thank you BOSS!

  • Alicja Figiel


    Empower mums to make positive changes in their lives leveraging their strengths. www.timeformum.com

    Being part of Boss has helped me to validate my service offering. It was an honour to have met all those extraordinary women and help them discover and maximise their strengths.

  • Holly O Driscoll


    My idea was to create strengthen fine motor control for preschool aged children. A stepping stone to the school journey.


    The only way to move an idea forward is to have a team of wonderful women around you who are all ready to support you in so many practical ways.

  • Caroline Clarke


    Through the support of all of the group, BOSS helped me gain the confidence and provided momentum to launch my own Marketing business. I have also found insight into my strengths as a person which helped me to clarify that I am going in the right direction.


    I have met some amazingly talented women who are now my clients and mentors.

  • Melissa Wood


    My business called Time To Exhale creates space for women to tap out, tune in and gain clarity. Connecting women to the essence of who they are, so they can make better decisions with confidence. 


    Mel has helped other local community women in her BOSS POD by supporting them to see themselves through other peoples’ eyes, and truly understand how magnificent they are.

  • Nikki Romans

    Nikki Romans Consulting

    I started Nikki Romans Consulting, to give me the freedom to explore what I could offer the marketing world. With over 20 years in sales & marketing, I discovered that I had a passion for supporting new businesses and entrepreneurs and a talent for bringing calm to the chaos, helping people hone their idea and be successful.

    BOSS is an incredibly supportive environment to be a little vulnerable, discover your strengths, embrace your fears and connect with some truly amazing women.

  • Corinne McDevitt

    Training Lab

    My business is called Training Lab and it is one of the few national certified providers to teach Process Communication Model ® (PCM), Leading out of Drama ® (LOD) and Emotional Assertiveness ® to Australian federal and state government, corporates, school executive, teachers, students and general public.

    Kate has an incredible way of creating connections and vision for all those that meet her.  In the short time knowing Kate she has already helped so many people jump hurdles.


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