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Kate's Story

BOSS never felt like a start-up.  It felt more like an inevitable evolutionary occurrence or in simpler terms, my journey. In 12 months since the inception of an idea to help women be history in the making, I am clearer, connected and more confident in being the CEO of my idea and a student of social enterprise. Co-creating today with 100+ inspiring community and corporate women; a safe, inclusive creative connected community, who genuinely want to see each other be successful on their path to success, creating opportunities and connections that might not have existed without a BOSS POD introduction, strengths based coaching or social media masterclass!

I have learned so much from my BOSS journey including amongst others that there is more innovation on the outside of workplaces than inside, there is so much free stuff out there and that social media will not kill me. It makes me smile every time when I explain to my corporate buddies that our aim is to place human centred design, the remit of the corporate world - into every community women’s hands in our coaching circles of 5 to 10 women that we call BOSS PODs. Empowering women to be confident to make the changes they seek.


And me carrying around today the big question of why there is so much untapped female talent in communities. Invisible, unaccounted for in national statistics, no JobKeeper for many of them. The realisation that women’s low confidence is a major issue and that nobody is really measuring or talking about the impact of mid-career off ramping by women after doing their life’s greatest work and having babies. A guilt and reflection of how in my senior HR positions I missed this and the absence of flexible working that is truly centred around family and career, for girls and boys.


Inspired by the courage and vulnerability of women in bandofsisters; whom in their own words are about finding solutions, living a life they choose around family and career, equality, supporting other women, creating a sustainable planetary environment and reconnecting with their passions and the things that were important before the juggle of life just got in the way.


And what is next for bandofsisters? Growing the community and a deep determination to represent community women who have career off ramped. De-stigmatise career breaks and seize the moment with others, of this enforced flexibility created by COVID to advocate for choices not compromises. Challenge traditional thinking and open up new engagement, hiring and distribution channels with corporates and showcase what I now know to be true, that the future of work is in our communities. Here’s to the next chapter of bandofsisters and it goes without saying that we would love you to contribute and be part of our journey.

Kate - Founder of bandofsisters and chief fairygodBOSS

We are a community centred social enterprise, advocating for equality, creating opportunity, inspiring others to participate, addressing social issues surrounding female mid-career drop out and supporting our  unaccounted and untapped community female talent.

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Helping women be history in the making

Ever wondered what the difference is between confident and non-confident women? It’s being part of the bandofsisters community. 


We're a free, creative, connected, community of ex-professional career women and we help each other create  opportunities, be confident and stay connected on our road to something new, side hustle or career reconnect and an extraordinary untapped female talent pool.

We exist due to women’s mid-career break or off ramping, often after having children and unaccounted for in national statistics.


We see you and we are you.  And we are about raising our voices for choices for women across communities and corporates.


band of sisters is a

social enterprise started in 2019


1. We ignite our spark, confidence and ambition with BOSS PODS

We know it’s easier to start new things when surrounded by others who support us. So BOSS facilitates small groups of 5 to 10 women in the community to help each other move an idea into action. People working in the corporate world would refer to this type of gathering as "human centred design sessions" or "creative problem solving groups". We simply call them BOSS PODS and we are placing this hugely beneficial resource into the hands of every woman in the community.


2. We provide opportunities to the corporate sector through mentoring.

  • We see connecting women in communities to women in the workplace with cause-based mentoring nurtures innovation and creates new opportunities.

  • We bring small groups of corporate and community women together in ZOOM mentoring sessions to realise potential and open up access to new channels, talent and ideas.

  • We see this makes good social and business sense when women spend 75% of all household budgets.

  • We show corporates how they can #hiredifferently #engagedifferently #distributedifferently.

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3. We expand opportunities and challenge barriers.

Through partnerships and advocacy, we use our scale to make you visible, we amplify our voices for choices not compromises.


We advocate for:
- Destigmitising of career breaks
- Workforce practices centred around family and career
- Measurement of women’s mid-career off ramping


Join Now

If we can help you on your journey to something new in a side hustle or career reconnect, we invite you to be part of our community and join a BOSS POD. 

Or see what we are up to in raising our voices for choices for women and follow our community at Facebook and Instagram. 






My idea was to create strengthen fine motor control for preschool aged children. A stepping stone to the school journey.


The only way to move an idea forward is to have a team of wonderful women around you who are all ready to support you in so many practical ways.

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Boss was so incredibly helpful in getting me focused on setting up my business, Envision Services. Kate was really supportive & encouraging of everyone in the BOSS POD and did so in a light hearted and relaxed way.


I enjoyed meeting a whole new team of people, going through the same issues & sharing ideas & thoughts on our respective career moves or new businesses. Thank you BOSS!




Empower mums to make positive changes in their lives leveraging their strengths. www.timeformum.com

Being part of Boss has helped me to validate my service offering. It was an honour to have met all those extraordinary women and help them discover and maximise their strengths.


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